How do we separate from the feelings and thoughts of others?   Is this important?
How do we protect ourself from the unwanted thoughts and feelings of another? Do we wish to do so?

How do we know where we leave off and another begins?
How do I know what’s mine and what’s yours?  How do I recognize what is mine and what is not?

Learning to reliably use and trust our intuition helps us answer these questions.

Many who are empathic pick up the feelings of others whether they desire this or not. Nurses and other medical practioners, for example, tune into the feelings of those they are helping. Some shut this ability down because they don’t know what to do with it. Part of intuition development is to learn how to live with our abilities in a way that is least disruptive and most useful in helping ourselves and others.

This is dealt with throughout the Legacy and the Intuitive Imagination programs. The Battered Boundaries session is an opportunity for individuals to share their experiences, sometimes for the first time in a safe, understanding, confidential environment.