Coni Buro, PhD, CHT, is an ordained minister and holds advanced degrees in Psychology and Education, a member of Phi Beta Kappa and has been a practitioner, teacher and workshop leader for over 20 years in the areas of meditation, tarot, energy healing, hypnotherapy, and psychic intuition development.


JACK THOMPSON'S interest in healing and mysticism began in high school and grew during his time working in a Veterinary Hospital, joining the navy and then joining the Fire Department of New York City, leading him to the A.R.E. and psychic intuitive training.

Maureen Kelley has experienced intuition, precognition, and telepathy since childhood. Introduced to the Edgar Cayce work in 1967, she began studying with Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed in the late 1980's and became a Wayshower in 1995. Maureen is currently engaged in helping people remember; forming, expanding and maintaining  circles of trust, particularly those with Native American and/or spiritual interests.
She administers the Legacy Program for the Wayshowers

Biographies of some of the Wayshowers/Instructors
for The Be Your Own Psychic: The Edgar Cayce legacy Conference
Certified to teach The Legacy and the Intuitive Imagination
by the Creative Community Institute