Intuition Tools

Express gratitude
Meditate                          Relax
Have fun
Pretend and imagine

Practice at the Legacy Conference

There are things which not only improve our use of intuition, they also enable us to learn more easily and comfortably.
These are some of the tools we will use in the Be Your Own Psychic Conferences.

Breathing.  Focusing on our breathing automatically relaxes us. It calms the mind, modifies blood pressure, decreases anxiety and depression, increases happiness and optimism, improves sleep, strengthens our ability to regulate our emotions, relieves trauma symptoms, reduces impulsivity, cravings and addiction. The breath is linked to the autonomic nervous system. Breathing exercises activate the parasympathetic nervous system, associated with resting and digesting, thereby improving body functions. This will be used every session.

Gratitude. Expressing thankfulness, saying "Thank you" raises our energy levels and shifts our feelings and is a good alternative to panic, anger and any other negative emotion which may arise.

Meditation. There are many ways to meditate. Use whichever one is most comfortable for you. The primary benefit is calming the mind, reducing anxiety and modifying our energy frequencies. There is a noon meditation daily at the A.R.E.

Physically relaxing the components of the body and the body as a whole.  We humans seem to carry a lot of tension, particularly around the face and neck area. Telling our different body parts to relax works. Certain exercises also relieve tension and stress in given areas. Various relaxing exercises will be used before and during each intuitive exercise.

Give Ego an assignment. Ego likes to think it's important. It is. Tell it to watch and observe everything you do. Be sure to ask it for feedback when you're finished what you've been concentrating on.

Have fun. Raises energy levels

Imagination. Imagination enables us to expand our talents and abilities, try on new situations. Pretend and Imagine.

Intention. Set your intention carefully. Be specific. See what you wish to occur.