Jan. 31, 2020: Intuitive Imagination II, Boughton Place, Highland NY 
Intuition Development Conferences

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This is a description of the modules being presented in Intuitive Imagination II, January 2020. All are chosen to assist the participants in recognizing and handling the challenges at this time.

Removing Blocks: doubts, fears, habits, ways of thinking may prevent us from fully reaching our potential. This includes ancestral grief, as well as the thoughts of those with whom we live and associate. It is mostly however, the stories we tell ourselves.
Once we recognize what we are doing, we can modify our behavior.

Psychometry: The art of reading the energy associated with a physical object to learn things about those who have handled it.
Setting our intention is key.

Intuitive Decision Making: How to decide what is really desired and how to best express this in a manner which yields the desired results.
Intention setting and choice of words are keys.

Dream Circle Ceremony: We promise to remember a dream.
Then we come together to process our dream(s) for the stated intention both for ourselves and those we are working with.

Ascension is a term applied to the effects of the increasing energies on Planet Earth. All and everything are affected.

Earth Changes Now is about how the physical and spiritual changes are affecting us and our abilities. The focus is on what we do about it.