The Edgar Cayce Legacy: Be Your Own Psychic conference has 10 basic modules,
     5 each developed by Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed.

  Modules devloped by Carol Anne [mornings]:
    1.  Auras:  Feeling your own Energy, that of others; Scanning to recognize energy changes  
    2.  Empathy: Walking in Someone Else's Moccassins - feel the differences

    3.  Remote Viewing: Seeing other places and times from the comfort of your own chair
    4.  Seeing Auras: learn how you can and how the blind see
    5.  The art of Healing: how healing takes place, what to look out for, being a healing

  Modules developed by Henry Reed [afternoons];

    1. Getting to Know You - Connecting through sound using voice
    2. Dream Circle Ceremony: Set-up the previous evening, dream to help another
    3. Intuitive Heart: heart to heart and heart to soul connections
    4. Meet Your Spiritual Benefactor - meet a guide and receive a gift
    5. Inspirational Writing: shifting consciousness, letting it flow

  Each morning and afternoon session includes doing practical exercises,
  pretending and imagining, being and sharing
with a partner,
  discussion of your experiences with feedback 
  from the Wayshowers/Instructors.

  Evening sessions:
     Removing Blocks to Using Intuition
     Battered Boundaries: Handling unwanted experiences, why they occur - see Boundaries
     Healing Ancestral Grief
     Developing Telepathy

  Remember ...