Dear Friends,

Thirty years ago we had the pleasure of meeting two phenomenal individuals at a one day conference in Cranford, NJ on using intuition. One, Carol Ann Liaros, had been the subject of study at the Human Dimensions Institute in Buffalo, NY, for 8 years, earning a mid 90% accuracy rating. The other, Henry Reed, Ph.D., was not then psychic but was doing research on psychic phenomena, focusing on dreams, creativity and communication. Dr Reed has since authored The Intuitive Heart, as well as other books, showing people how to live in harmony with themselves and each other.

Together Carol Ann and Henry began an intuition development program at the Association for Research and Enlightenment [A.R.E.], in Virginia Beach, VA. The A.R.E. was founded for the purpose of researching the Edgar Cayce [the 'Sleeping Prophet'] readings by putting the advice given into practice and learning from the results. They developed a three-part experiential program to help individuals realize their own intuitive abilities, using them to help others and showing the way by their actions. Some of those who have participated in this program are now as a group, The Wayshowers, sharing these insights with others. Many have done so individually over the years but the need now is for us to work together.
The first Legacy conference sponsored by The Wayshower Association Inc., called Be Your Own Psychic: The Edgar Cayce Legacy,  was offered in Virginia Beach October 18 through October 23, 2017. All sessions included hands on exercises, sharing and discussion of conferees experiences with feedback from the Wayshowers/Instructors.
The Legacy is a five full day intensive experience, taught by certified Wayshowers, with limited enrollment which offers mentoring opportunities, in a safe and comfortable environment. Wholesome snacks are provided for the morning and afternoon breaks. The conference fee covers all sessions, handouts, celebration dinner, breaks and all day coffee, assorted teas and water.
Lodging and meals are provided for separately and are the responsibility of the conferees. The available Psychic readings are also the responsibility of each attendee for arranging and payment.

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