We all have the "Gift"!

Need help opening yours?         Come to a Legacy Conference


The Edgar Cayce readings tell us that we are intuitive by nature, and that we can develop our psychic abilities with practice. It's not enough, however, to become more psychic for its own sake. We need to use our abilities practically, daily, so these gifts take on real meaning. Intuition or psychic ability is a gift.
The good news is ? we all have the gift!

In this experiential week, you'll explore what the Cayce readings say about this innate gift, using methods developed by  Carol Ann Liaros and Henry Reed, as well as learn and practice hands-on ways to tune in to the Divine wisdom within  you. You'll test what you have learned and receive feedback about your impressions, working with a partner, helping  you discern between accurate impressions and imagination.

 This is a fun-filled, accelerated learning experience for unwrapping your own gifts!
 You will receive techniques, encouragement, and mentoring, from experienced Wayshowers who will assist you in  recognizing and applying your abilities. Explore different types of psychic ability in a safe, supportive environment
  * Recognize your innate strengths for using intuition daily, using powerful techniques in hands-on applications
  * Differentiate information from your higher self from that which comes from personality or imagination
  * Explore vibrations and auras, and experience a demonstration of communal psychic ability
  * Learn to use the science of energy to increase attunement
  * Practice shifting/gliding into alignment with your higher self
  * Access forgotten memories, using relaxation, guided imagery, to apply past life wisdom to today's challenges
  * Learn to use internal guidance for outward navigation  your "GPS" for navigating life.