Why NOW?

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       What if ....
What if the people who think they're in charge are doing the best they can?
What if they believe what they've been told?
What if those who told them believe what they’ve said?
What if they're waiting for someone else to begin?
What if they are all slightly mistaken?                                                    They do and they are.

What if we all have the capacity to decide things for ourselves?
What if we all have the capability of discerning what is true?
What if it's our feelings which enables us to connect with all that is?
What if it is our individual responsibility to make our own choices?
What if we are created as sovereign spirits having physical experiences?                We do and we are.
We are all beginning to realize that we live in a time of great change.
We need to develop new skills, new ways of communicating, of doing, of relating, of living.

                                              How do we go about it?
We can get to know ourselves better, better recognize our feelings, better develop our abilities by playing with intutition. We can pretend and imagine, learning from how it feels and the feedback of others. We can learn to trust our feelings and open our hearts to fully experience life.
We can learn to trust each other and that telepathy aids us in doing so for there are no secrets. Telepathy eliminates the value of lying for all know the truth.

Developing our intuition enables us to become more fully human and more present in the NOW.